About Me!

Fitness, Restaurant, and poker connoisseur


Hi, I’m Danny (it’s not short for Daniel). I’m 24 years old, and I grew up in the Korean-American community of Atlanta, Georgia. I have a passion for fitness, but also a love for Korean bbq. I laugh at inappropriate moments during horror movies, and I recently discovered that I’m mediocre at poker.

I’m a jack of all trades with experience in car sales, law cases, restaurant management, and HVAC installment. Currently, I completed and received my UX design certification from General Assembly, and I plan on pursing project mangagement certification!

HVAC Technician

Profession was really hard, but I learned a lot during my time here. I spent most of my time problem solving on installing and/or troubleshooting. 

car sales consultant

Sales was a fun time while it lasted, and learned many things. Car buyers are generally invested in 1 or 2 things- 1. Gas efficiency or 2. the functionality of the vehicle. Also listening to to clients needs helped me narrow which vehicle would suit their needs. 

case manager

Most of my time was spent being a middleman between our clients and the opposing insurance adjuster. Also, while organizing and collecting valuable artifacts- a lot of research & analysis was done to hand off the “finished” case to a lawyer.

restaurant manager

Managed a Korean BBQ restaurant for a couple of years. Throughout my time, I learned how to open, manage, and close the restaurant (much like a design phase). 

Some of my work history

How does my past expierence relate to User experience?

My Personality Types

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