Sunnyland Farm

The Perfect Treat

Project type

Redesign Sunnyland Farms web experience with a more efficient and quicker checkout process.


Project designer 


January 6, 2019 – January 31, 2020

Methods & Tools

Survey, Research, Comparative and Competitive Analysis, Sketch, and Invision


User flows, wireframes, rapid prototype, prototype, and usability testing. 


Business Background

Sunnyland Farms is a 1,760 acre farm nestled in the heart of Pecan Country (Albany, Georgia). Since 1948 they have been the premier provider of gourmet Georgia Pecans, Nuts, Chocolates, Dried Fruits, Candies, and assortments of Gifts for all occasions. 

3rd generation family-owned business that wants to keep it’s current user-base and also to tap into the younger generation. Currently as is, based off reasearch, over 70% of their users are 65+ and under 1.9% of the users are under the age of 45. Sunnyland Farms realizes potential business to be made and wishes to cater to the older demographic, but also tapping into the younger generation.

Sunnyland Farm team has reached out to us to redesign their current e-commerce site. We had the privilege to talk with the webmaster, CMO, SEO, as well as the COO.


  • Customers could not find information on the items they wanted to purchase.
  • Counterintuitive options for package sizes.
  • Layout of homepage does not display many products.
  • Prices were not readily displayed.
  • Option to pick packaging on product detail page was not intuitive.

Probable Solution– Making improvements to the website layout and checkout process, we will reduce website-related complaints to the call center, increase conversion rates and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

The Ux team will focus on the checkout process experience and the ability of users to navigate through the webiste. 

Based on survey interviews, the current user-base struggles to ship multiple items to multiple places. 

Comparative Analysis (Checkout Process)

  • Amazon
  • Nike
  • Best Buy

Competitive Analysis 

  • COO- Increase conversion rates, decrease abandoned carts, and attract younger generation.
  • CMO- Keep warm and homey brand image.
  • SEO- Keep SEO keywords and content.
  • Webmaster- Maintain quick website speed.
  • Call-Center Manager- Decrease website-related call to call center.

What we found through research is that most of their clientele base likes the in-mail-catalogs that they get. We also found that most of their users were upset that prices were not upfront, hence abandoned carts.

Before we took on design phase, we contacted the Webmaster to see our limitations, and we were “free”.


We had the privilege to send out a pre-screener surveys (10 questions) to Sunnyland Farms current users with the help of the CMO at the company. At the end of the night, we came up with over 3,000 survey respondants!

Affinity Mapping

Affinity mapping helped us gather large amounts of data and organize them into groups or themes based on their relationships. The methodology is great for grouping data gathered during research or ideas generated during brainstorms. It is also important to understand that during this exercise, you should be using qualitative data.

Heuristic Evaluation

I decided to do an evaluation of Sunnyland Farms current website. Based off of Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Heuristic Evaluations, I discovered two issues with the current website. 

Detailed C&C Analysis

Comparitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Customer Journey Map

With our usuability testing, we were able to map out how users felt throughout given tasks. Through this, we were able to figure where friction was occuring and to create opportunitys.

Design Specifications

Based on research we found these to be the desired features that users want.
  • Make Google reviews more visible
  • Display products on homepage to promote curiosity
  • Clearly display product reviews on product detail pages
  • Opportunity to create account at checkout
  • Drag and drop to send items to multiple locations


Design Studio




  • Google Review became a static button on the header.
  • Sunnyland Farms has free shipping which triumphs other competitors.
  • Promote curiosity by offering more products.
  • Footer incorporates some of the previous header information based off of Google analytics clicks.

Product Listing Page

  • Breadcrumb for easier navigation.
  • Kept same SEO copywrite from current website.
  • Refined filter bar.
  • Prices are shown for transparency upfront.

Product Detail Page

  • Breadcrumb for easier navigation.
  • Kept same SEO copywrite from current website.
  • Refined filter bar.
  • Prices are shown for transparency upfront.

Checkout Process (Multiple Shipments)

  • "Drop Here" indication to drop items to create a shipment.
  • If multiple shipments are needed you can create more.

Confirmation page

  • Order number & indication that receipt will be sent to your email.
  • Indication of where your shipping your items to.
  • Delivery details

Live Prototype

If you’d like to see a clickable prototype, please click this link.  

What next?

Build out features we did not address in the MVP such as information architecture. We would also like to continue testing and making iterations while optimizing for mobile devices. Lastly, we would love to collaborate with marketing to target the younger market.


This was the first hands on business project I have worked on. The information gained throughout this project has really shaped how I look at future projects i.e., How to find middle ground between business and the current/future users they have. Also it was very exciting to work with different cross functional departments that make Sunnyland Farms, Sunnyland Farms.


Atlanta History Center has been in Atlanta since 1926. Atlanta History Center has been part of the Buckhead community and found its home there. Though many people come to the Atlanta History Center for different purposes, there are quite a few people that don’t know their sub attractions (i.e., Swan House, Margaret Mitchell House, or even the Smith Family Farm are all part of Atlanta History Center. Though we did an onsite visit and spoke with a couple of employees, we have found that most of their users struggle to purchase tickets on their mobile website, My team and I wish to revisit this case study and do more research. 

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